Week Three Day One Of The Six Week Profit Plan

The Six Week Profit Plan

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If you’ve completed the last few lessons before tackling this one, you have a domain name, a robust web host, and a theme you like.

If not, be sure to get those things done before you move on, because in lesson 16 we will begin to build out your site

I’ll keep the rest of this lesson light, so be sure and finish your basic site setup (aka install a theme you like) before moving on . . .

Lesson 15: Product Creation

Record eighth track of your first product

Lesson 15: 10 x 10 Matrix

Write your 10 x 10 page, then record your 10 x 10 writing assignment and upload to YouTube

Lesson 15: Writing Lesson

We have been working on emotional language, really getting in to someone’s mind, and touching base with them in their core, at an emotional level.

Now, we are going to shift gears a little (but don’t lose what we’ve worked on)  

You see, one of the critical parts of communicating persuasively is connecting with where someone else is and meeting them at that place.

And one of the big mistakes many people make in trying to communicate is in just talking (or mostly talking) about what I can do for YOU instead of what YOU NEED from me.

Do you see the subtle difference between what I can do for you, and what you really need?

Here is one example

let’s use this coaching program as an example…

YOU NEEDED to be able to communicate persuasively – which is YOUR need.  That is where I had to meet you – at YOUR need.

Imagine if my perspective in enrolling you in the class had been ‘this is what I can do for you…come meet me at my expertise’ instead of an attitude of ‘what do you need…do you need to communicate persuasively’  and then once the answer is affirmative, THEN proposing my solution (this class)

Do you see the distinction?

Key – selling (persuading) is about THEM not you.

It is about their needs – and only secondarily how you can meet their needs.

It’s NOT about your solution trying to fit in to their needs.

It is ALWAYS about their needs.

Let’s even think of it from the perspective of an offline personal issue.

If you want something from someone (let’s say a spouse, for example), is it more effective to think about how they can benefit from the exchange first, rather than presenting want you want as fitting into THEIR agenda…

or to simply come right out with your agenda, demanding that YOUR needs have priority??

It is the same thing online when you are persuading someone via email (or a salesletter) it has to start with THEIR needs.

So, so far we have been working on THEM…

  • their frustrations
  • their needs
  • their future (imagine statements)
  • their reality (think about…)

But at some point you have to offer your solution, and in order to do that you have to create some credibility.

Now, we are talking here about creating this credibility in the framework of a single email or sales letter

but ideally this credibility will be created over time, as you get to know them in the email campaign. 

So you aren’t having to prove all of it in one email (or one sales letter).

In fact, this is one of the reasons we use an email campaign instead of single emails for relationship building and selling (think credibility campaign or pre-launch campaign).

And each of the parts that I am teaching you in this course could be delivered one email at a time on a daily course.

Of course, the perspective we are coming from as I teach this is the idea that this would occur in one communication…

but in reality, the more you can build these ideas over time, the deeper the bond can be.

Think about it from an offline perspective….

do you trust someone more after spending eight solid, straight hours with him/her,

or do you trust them more if you meet one hour per week for eight weeks?

Ok, enough for today:

Instead of a written homework today, I want you to re-read this lesson, really let these ideas soak in.

Think on them, allow them to sink deep inside of you and see if you can come up with some aha moments

until next time

The Six Week Profit Plan

The Six Week Profit Plan is laid out as a daily lesson, which is a good thing, due to how much work there is to do

However you can choose to go much faster or slower, depending on your own needs.

Don't put yourself under any pressure to get this all done in a day or so, that might be the temptation but it's not really the best way.

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