Week Two Day Three Of The Six Week Profit Plan

The Six Week Profit Plan

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Now you have created your first two 2 tracks for your product.

And you have cemented the habit of creating a daily article/post/writing from your 10 x 10 matrix.

And you are recording a daily YouTube to put in your YouTube account.

And each day that entire process should take a few minutes less than the day before.

The key here is that this becomes a habit, daily creating a product track, a 10 x 10 page, and a quick content youtube to upload.

And of course right now you are spending quite a bit of time on the daily writing lesson . . .

but this will change into time spent writing sales letters and other profit-producing things . . .

For now, the habit of working on a few “tracks” of progress each day is critical .

And in a few days, we’ll begin adding one more “line” to your daily work . . .

For today, if you don’t have a domain name, begin thinking about it, as you’ll need it before you can begin building your site out, if you don’t have one yet.

You want a domain name that’s easy to remember, easy to say, and not too long.

Once you’ve finalized your domain name, you can begin to build out your site (next lesson starts that)

I use GoDaddy to host my domain names and D9Hosting.com for my hosting

I have created videos to walk you through this part so don’t worry about how to do it

Lesson 10: Product Creation

Simply record the next (third) track for your product. This can be 5 minutes long, 20 minutes long, maybe you get long-winded and it ends up 30 minutes or more . . .

Lesson 10: 10 x 10 Matrix

Write your 10 x 10 page, then record your 10 x 10 writing assignment and upload to youtube

Lesson 10: Writing Lesson

Today we are going to do a variation on “how would it feel?

This will be a command to imagine:

  • Imagine your life with…(this change)
  • Imagine how it would feel to…(have this freedom)
  • Imagine yourself in (an environment created by your solution)
  • Imagine feeling (free, powerful, empowered)…by (something you provide)


Today’s homework:

15 “Imagine” sentences in your niche

5 “How would it feel” sentences

5 “Are you frustrated (irritated, upset, distracted by, etc.)

See you tomorrow

The Six Week Profit Plan

The Six Week Profit Plan is laid out as a daily lesson, which is a good thing, due to how much work there is to do

However you can choose to go much faster or slower, depending on your own needs.

Don't put yourself under any pressure to get this all done in a day or so, that might be the temptation but it's not really the best way.

Below you will find the links to each of the Lessons

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