Week Two Day Five Of The Six Week Profit Plan

The Six Week Profit Plan

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Over the last few lessons, you’ve probably noticed the lessons have felt easier or shorter

but the biggest and only difference is that I haven’t been teaching at the beginning of each lesson,

instead I’ve really wanted you to settle into this habit of daily working on each of a few things:

  • a daily track in your product
  • a daily post from your 10 x 10 matrix,
  • plus a daily YouTube from your 10 x 10 matrix
  • your daily writing lesson

But the holiday / vacation is over!

Now that you’ve established this habit we are going to bump it all up a little.

Over the next few days, your first product will be finished.

Then we’ll start on your second product.

And in the daily writing lessons, you will see that a sales letter is beginning to emerge.

And that leaves three parts of your business that are necessary before you have a complete business:

  1. your site
  2. your autoresponder campaign and daily emails
  3. telling people about your business (commonly and mistakenly called, driving traffic (it’s more about attracting people who need you, to your site, than driving traffic to your site!)

So today we will start working on getting your site in order . . .

Lesson 12: Product Creation

Record fifth track of your first product

Lesson 12: Site Work

You may already have a fully-functioning website and web hosting, and if that’s the case, just skip this section today.

But if you don’t or your website loads slowly (that will be a HUGE problem when you start getting a lot of visitors)

I want to talk with you about getting web hosting.

There is a series of free videos in The WordPress Collection section of my website that tells you who I personally use and WHY I use them and how it all works together. 

Don’t worry it’s not that hard!

Again, if you already have a site or web hosting and a happy with it – just skip that!

Lesson 12: 10 x 10 Matrix

Write your 10 x 10 page, then record your 10 x 10 writing assignment and upload to youtube

Lesson 12: Writing Lesson

Ok, I think we need more practice on this one

so for today, write six – 5 paragraph ‘imagine’ statements.

These should really get emotional

when you read them, they should give you a mental picture of how wonderful it is to have your solution.

Here is the example again

Imagine how it would feel if you were totally free from (your problem). You are now  relaxing, and it feels so (emotion) and (another emotion). You are thinking “how wonderful it is that I am (free, feeling powerful, etc. according to niche). 

 (that is one 3 sentence paragraph – today write 5 sentences)

These can go deeper than this, but remember they are only positive (or anti-negative)

They don’t highlight any side effect of your solution, they don’t try to talk someone into your solution.

They are simply a statement of how it feels when your solution is present.

Until next time

The Six Week Profit Plan

The Six Week Profit Plan is laid out as a daily lesson, which is a good thing, due to how much work there is to do

However you can choose to go much faster or slower, depending on your own needs.

Don't put yourself under any pressure to get this all done in a day or so, that might be the temptation but it's not really the best way.

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