Week One Day Four Of The Six Week Profit Plan

The Six Week Profit Plan

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Yesterday you created the delivery part of the blueprint in your business.

Today, we’ll add in the financial side of that blueprint.

Take out yesterday’s homework, the delivery blueprint, it might look something like this:

  • your eBook or webinar
  • your initial 10 part training
  • your bigger deeper training with homework lessons
  • your coaching program
  • your membership

Now assign a price to each item.

The key here is that it doesn’t matter if your price is perfect.

Some people spend a year trying to guess the perfect price, and it holds their business back for a full year.

Then they finally launch their business at that price and find it is too low or too high so they change it.

Did they waste a year or what?

Just select a price – wrong or right, it doesn’t matter.

You can always change it up or down later.

So maybe your list looks like this:

  • your eBook or webinar  $0
  • your initial 10 part training $100
  • your bigger deeper training with homework lessons $400
  • your coaching program $100 a month for small group, $500 a month for mastermind with a limit of clients
  • your membership $40 a month

Once you have that, take that list and determine how many of each would you have to sell to hit your income goal?

For example, if your income goal is $50k a year, that is $4,166 per month

So you might sell:

  • 200 ebooks at $0  = $0
  • 20 trainings at $100 = $2,000
  • 5 trainings at $400 = $2,000
  • 2 clients at $100 a month – $200

All that equals $4,200


  • 200 ebooks at $0  = $0
  • 10 trainings at $100 = $1,000
  • 5 trainings at $400 = $2,000
  • 20 people in your membership at $40/month = $800
  • 4 clients at $100 a month – $400

All that equals $4,200


  • 200 ebooks at $0  = $0
  • 15 trainings at $100 = $1,500
  • 3 trainings at $400 = $1,200
  • 25 people in your membership at $40/month = $1,000
  • 5 clients at $100 a month – $500

All that equals $4,200

As you can see, you can mix and match to determine your exact financial blueprint.

Then layer in the blueprint from yesterday with what you would teach in each product or training:

Your blueprint should look something like this:

200 ebooks at $0  = $0
The ebook teaches a basic concept that leads to your system

15 trainings at $100 = $1,500
The training teaches a single concept that is important to the people who are mastering your system

3 trainings at $400 = $1,200
The advanced training is either more advanced than the first one, or more broad and complex

25 people in your membership at $40/month = $1,000
The membership adds new training each week (for people who like to have everything!)

5 clients at $100 a month – $500
The coaching is for people who are willing to pay to talk with you personally.

All that equals $4,200

Does this make the whole process seem a bit simpler?

Like it’s not so big or complicated?

You see, when you break it down into income per month and then a mix of products per month, you can simply focus on doing the steps to make that many of each level sell.

Notice as well that the # of giveaway items (the $0.00 item) is only about 200 to have a monthly income around $4,200

That correlates with about 200 new subscribers per month, and if you are using a squeeze page (I’ll teach you how later) to get them,

and your squeeze page converts at 33%, you only need about 600 new visitors each month to get to 200 new subscribers and get to about $4,200 in revenue, when you use this pricing model.

You don’t need unlimited traffic, you need highly targeted traffic and you need to be able to write highly persuasive words in your emails and your sales pages

so that the 600 people who come to your site will turn into 200 subscribers who read your emails who will turn into 20 buyers who buy your first product,

and 3 buyers who buy your second product and then maybe 5 new people join your membership each month

so in a few months you have 30 or 40 members and  2-4 new coaching clients each month and in a few months you have 10 coaching clients.

How do you like this blueprint?

Can you see how having this blueprint at your ready, posted above your computer, posted in your bathroom or your office (or all 3 places) can help keep you grounded, remind you of your path and what to focus on that’s important?


Let’s do today’s writing assignment and 10 x 10 matrix assignment and call it a day!

Lesson 4: 10 x 10 matrix lesson:

Write one 500 word page about one of the topics on your 10 x 10 matrix

Lesson 4, writing lesson:

Ok, today I really want to get you comfortable asking these probing questions we have been working on the last couple of days.

You see, this is one of the most important parts of the persuasion process.

Because before you can persuade your prospect, your spouse, or anyone else…

THEY have to recognise that something isn’t right…so they can be persuaded.

Because people who are totally satisfied…aren’t easily persuaded.

Think about this real-life example.

If you are REALLY hungry, its REALLY easy to persuade you to go to dinner, right?

But if you just ate a big meal…you might not even want to see food for 24 hours (think Christmas Dinner)

So the exact same line:

care to eat?

would be HIGHLY persuasive to the HUNGRY person, but actually a turn-off to the person who just ate.

Now, what if you don’t know you are hungry?

Ever had a time where you had been working for hours, sipping on water or a diet coke…

and you don’t feel hungry at all…you are totally satisfied with your work.

Or perhaps it is play…you are totally involved in what you are doing.

And not feeling hungry.

But the truth of the matter is you haven’t eaten in eight hours, but you don’t FEEL hungry.

So you aren’t going to voluntarily go find food (think “go find a solution” in prospect – talk)

But if someone comes to you and says….do you feel like you are getting hungry?

You might even reply…no, I’m not.

And they reply….are you sure?  You haven’t eaten in eight hours, how about going for a hot pizza at your favourite pizza place, with tasty cheese and your favourite topping…does that sound good?

NOW – how hungry are you?

Note:  your REAL hunger didn’t change.  Your body’s REAL need to eat didn’t change…

just your perception.

And once your perception changed…now it is REALLY EASY to persuade you to eat.

In fact, you don’t have to do anything tricky, or even persuasive…and yet your “subject” (the now-realizes they are hungry- person) is easily compelled to eat with you.

In fact, you could take this to the next level and get them not only to have changed from “not hungry” 5 minutes ago…to BEGGING you to take them to pizza, right?

Because now that they are hungry…you were to now say, oh! wait, I can’t go to pizza right now, I forgot I needed to finish (doing something)…guess who is going to come to YOU and ask “when will you be done so we can get pizza?”

Do you see how easily it really is to change a human’s perspective…when you know what to do and how to do it. 

And you can do it simply and easily, without trickery or manipulation (you didn’t see any trickery or manipulation in this section, did you, just a common sense conversation that you have probably experienced at least once before, right?)

Your potential customers are no different.

The principle I just shared with you is common to humans…it is simply a part of our normal psychology.

And if you learn to activate that exact principle in your marketing…you will get a lot more people to act interested.

The first step is to get them to start thinking about the fact that they really DO have the problem your solution solves.

People don’t buy solutions until they know (and internalise and believe) that they have a problem.  (more on this in tomorrow’s lesson)

Today: your assignment:

Ask 15 questions that are specifically geared towards your niche online, finding out if your prospects have problems.

Use the same formula I gave you in the last 2 lessons…

  • Are you frustrated?
  • Do you get irritated…
  • Do you get frustrated?
  • Are you struggling with?


(After the assignment – is it getting easier to write these questions? If so…great, that’s what these exercises are designed for. 

If not…I recommend writing another 10 just for practice 🙂 

You see, these questions need to become so easy that they just flow off your tongue and out of your mind…onto paper easily. 

These questions need to be second nature to you. And they will be when you complete this course!  Along with a lot more very useful persuasion tactics)

Until tomorrow.

Happy Marketing

The Six Week Profit Plan

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