Meet Steve King

Welcome To my website

Working Online Since 2005

Hello I’m Steve King and I would like to give you a warm welcome to my site.

It’s probably a good idea to kick off and tell you a little bit about myself

I have been working online as a Marketer since mid 2008, prior to which I was selling various items on eBay since 2005 and I have been creating websites ever since

Steve King Web Design

A Brief History

4th February 2009

I wrote my first ‘Hello World’ blog post on 4th February 2009 but I actually made my first online sale back in 2005 where I used to sell on eBay


I am still working online, building all kinds of websites, for my customers and myself, and I am still creating coaching courses

Working Online

I’ve developed a real love for working online—it’s like having the keys to freedom, letting me work when and where I please.

Beyond the freedom, though, there’s this incredible opportunity to share what I know and create products that genuinely help others succeed online, just like I have.

I’m genuinely excited to pass on what I’ve learned over the years, with the hope that it can propel you toward the financial independence and quality time we’re all after.

Back in 2005, I was just dabbling in ways to make a bit of extra cash.

But these days, I’m all about building multiple income streams that practically run themselves, growing steadily each month. It’s all part of my grand plan for an early retirement.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve really gotten my hands dirty in the online world—building websites, tweaking them for search engines, driving traffic through various means, crafting compelling sales copy, and setting up membership platforms, all wrapped up in effective sales funnels.

Having SOme Down time

When I am not working I can usually be found on a golf course

I love golf and my online skills have also enabled me to build several golf websites and Info Products, which are designed to help amateur golfers play better.

Click here to see the Weekend Golfers Academy

And you can see my golf blog at Fore King Golf

And my latest golf project is at Wiltshire Golf Guide, which is a directory website of all the Golf Courses In Wiltshire (UK), which is my home County and where I play most of my golf.

I also write the Wiltshire Golf Guide Weekly Newsletter

bowood golf course n wiltshire
The 18th Hole at The Kendleshire

An Ever Changing World

Things Have Certainly Changed Since I Started

Back when I first dipped my toes into working online, the tools and resources we have at our fingertips today were but a distant dream.

Building websites, setting up sales funnels, creating landing pages—let’s just say it was a bit like wandering through a maze without a map.

I’ll admit, I made my fair share of missteps along the way, burning through both cash and time.

But hey, every stumble taught me something valuable, and I’m here to share those lessons with you so you can sidestep similar pitfalls.

I’m all about keeping things simple and straightforward, no confusing jargon here. My aim is to make it easy for you to grasp and apply what you learn to your own projects.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve fine-tuned my approach, finding ways to make my online business more efficient and profitable with less effort.

Through my experiences, I’m here to offer insights into what works—and what doesn’t.

Take WordPress, for example. Back in 2009, I was a total newbie, stumbling my way through.

But with a bit of trial and error (okay, maybe more error than trial), I eventually got the hang of it.

If you’re just starting out with WordPress, don’t sweat it.

I’ve got plenty of tutorials and guides to help you navigate the learning curve and avoid the same bumps in the road I encountered.

So let’s dive in together and make this digital journey a whole lot smoother.

Plans For The Future


Simplicity is key here—no need for confusing jargon. My goal is to make the learning process smooth sailing for you, and easy to implement in to your own projects.

I am always honest and ethical and with a positive attitude and passion for helping people, my mission is to share what I know and help those who want to help themselves.

If you ever need any help please feel free to get in touch and I will be happy to help if I can