Week Two Day Two Of The Six Week Profit Plan

The Six Week Profit Plan

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Before we start, how are things going?

Yesterday, you recorded your first track for your first product.

How did that go?

How do you feel about the lesson work so far?

How do you feel about working on a few things each day?

Are you beginning to feel like it’s all getting a bit easier, each day it’s getting easier?

And have you noticed that since you have a solid plan each day, it’s easier to stay focused?

Please let me know how you’re getting on and if you need any help

So, yesterday you recorded your first track in your first product.

How does it feel to have that first track done . . . even if it’s only 5 minutes long?

You see, each track doesn’t have to be long . . .it just has to teach whatever it is supposed to.

And now that you have started . . . you are much, much closer to finishing.

Because now it is just a matter of adding one track per day until it is done.

It’s just that easy!

So today’s lesson might be one of the easiest so far!

Lesson 9: Product creation

Simply record the next (second) track for your product. This can be 5 minutes long, 20 minutes long, maybe you get long-winded and it ends up 30 minutes or more . . .

Lesson 9: 10 x 10 Matrix

Write your 10 x 10 page, then record your 10 x 10 writing assignment and upload to YouTube

Lesson 9: Writing Lesson

Ok, so yesterday you wrote 15 versions of “how would it feel” questions,

like this:

  • How would it feel if…
  • How would it feel to…
  • How would it feel to have (challenge) solved?
  • How would it feel to be free of…
  • How would it feel to never have to…
  • How would it feel to have (problem solved)?



write 10 more – from your mind, but don’t cheat by looking at yesterday’s questions

Then write 5 probing questions from the first section of the class, like this:

  • Are you frustrated…?
  • Do you feel frustrated that…?

Once again, these should be feeling natural by now. If not, do more than

See You Tomorrow

The Six Week Profit Plan

The Six Week Profit Plan is laid out as a daily lesson, which is a good thing, due to how much work there is to do

However you can choose to go much faster or slower, depending on your own needs.

Don't put yourself under any pressure to get this all done in a day or so, that might be the temptation but it's not really the best way.

Below you will find the links to each of the Lessons

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