Week Four Day Four Of The Six Week Profit Plan

The Six Week Profit Plan

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Moving forward we have a new strategy

Now that you’ve completed 24 lessons, I want to suggest a change to the format – and here’s why:

First off, the individualised lesson format has been perfect for those people who needed a bit of help to stay focussed and just needed their daily dose of information and instruction to help them stay on track.

If you are in that category – you have really blossomed because the way the lessons are structured, you’ve probably felt a kind of pressure to finish one lesson before starting the next.

And because of that approach, you have gotten more results with this program than in many other programs in the past – because you haven’t skipped ahead.

But, there are other people who have really felt held back by not being able to move forward faster.

And all through these first 24 lessons, I have struggled with this . . . how to know who needs structured lessons and who needs everything all at once.

And the very biggest thing I wanted to accomplish was, for the people who need to be held back and not be able to skip ahead and only do the parts they want to do instead of really having a reason to dig deep and do all the parts of their business

I really wanted to see those people get the hang of doing all the parts of your business each day, and make progress on each part of your business each day.

But for those people who are ready to race ahead – you have control of your time, you are a disciplined person and can handle the challenge of knowing everything that needs to be done

I keep thinking, it’s time to stop this way of structuring the lessons.

Now, before I do this – I want to speak to both camps, whichever one you are in.

If you have really benefitted from having the lessons structured this way, you have learned something incredible about yourself.

And the next challenge is going to be coming up with the discipline to work each day on the 3-5 main parts of your business even if you have all the lessons in front of you.

And even if they aren’t necessarily numbered and chunked out.

Because you are at the point in your business that as your business grows, there becomes less and less of a one-path.

The first 20 lessons or so – no matter what morphs in your business – are pretty much the same for everyone.

But at some point – lesson 21, lesson 24, lesson 30 if there were a lesson numbered 30 – you begin to need to branch just a little.

You’ll branch into creating products that don’t fit into the same formula as the first two products.

You’ll likely add a coaching program and or a membership.

But coaching programs and memberships aren’t the same for everyone.

So for me to have a perfect set of lessons for that . . . I would need thousands of permutations of lessons for different people!

And the same goes for memberships

So it’s like the first 20-25 steps of your business, which you’ve done so far, are very much the same across the board:

things like:

  • choose your focus
  • blueprint your profit model
  • draw your 10 x 10 matrix
  • write a daily article
  • record a daily video
  • create your first product
  • create your second product
  • create a squeeze page
  • add daily content to your site

and one of the most important skills of all:

Copywriting, such that you can connect with your prospects in a deep way

and by the way you are already more than half way through the writing lessons

Those components are essentially the same for everyone.

But now there is some branching that will occur.

At some point – whether it was at an imaginary lesson 10, or lesson 20, or a theoretical lesson 30 . . . you would have to take control of doing your own structuring

At some point, you simply have to get in control of making sure you do a days work each day,

you do the right work each day,

and you don’t skip ahead each day . . .

even if you have access to everything, even if you no one is watching.

The bottom line is, to become truly successful – not just learn the first foundational steps – you must gain control over your daily schedule –

and that’s one important thing I’m going to dig a little further in to in this lesson.

But before we get into that, let’s re-focus on what happens every day or week in every business:

  • Daily email
  • Daily blog post
  • Daily video
  • Daily subscriber attraction
  • Daily product creation

and you’ll add weekly coaching lessons or weekly membership additions

and if you choose, any of the daily items above can be once a week or twice a week or three times a week, depending on what you choose for your business

but please don’t be like people I’ve had in the past who ask me

what’s the least amount of frequency I can write and help folks, and still have a business?

That’s like asking or what’s the least number of hours I can go to work and not get fired?

The problem with that question is that once you go down that path, you do less and less of the important things and only what you can get away with that you have to do.

A much better question would be:

What is the best way for me to prioritise my business so that I can get the most work done and help the most amount of people with perhaps the least (or an efficient) amount of effort?

The pattern you’ve developed over the last few weeks of doing consistent daily work in your business – that pattern must continue.

If it doesn’t, you are going to straying again soon.

You are going to feel like the structure is gone.

But the difference is that instead of me giving you a lesson every day that you have to sit around and wait for

YOU are going to become the driver in your own consistency.

And when you can transition from ME driving you to work each day to YOU driving you to work each day

You will become more stable long term in your business and business building.

And that’s what you are looking for, right, to be able to run a business like mine where YOU are driving your business, not some external person?

And that’s the whole point of the training wheels type of coaching we’ve done having the lesson material broken down so you can only access so much at any one time.

I believe that for the greatest benefit across the board, you are better off if you have the rest of the coaching all in one place, where you can move ahead faster and at your own pace.

But at the same time, you’ll need to structure yourself, you’ll need to stick to a daily habit of daily results and daily work and daily consistency.

You will still get the opportunity to ask me questions – you’ll just need to reach out.

You see, my business, after 12 years, is very much the same as it was.

It’s a simple business, with a few moving parts, just like I’ve taught you in these first 24 lessons.

So what I’ve decided to do is place the rest of the coaching material in the member centre, so you can move ahead at your own pace.

Now remember, the core areas of your business are these:

  • persuasive, personalized writing
  • attracting people who need what you have, to join your list
  • creating training to provide the solutions to your subscribers
  • daily email, daily blog post, daily video
  • daily accountability and structure

And your entire business is operated through the implementation of each of these areas.

And so I’m going to give you the rest of the training for each of these components but instead of breaking each thing into days or lessons, the format will now be by the topic –

so there will be a section for each of these areas, if we haven’t covered it already in the earlier lessons (since these are the core foundational parts of your business):

  • persuasive, personalised writing
  • attracting people who need what you have, to join your list
  • creating training to provide the solutions to your subscribers
  • daily email, daily blog post, daily video
  • daily accountability and structure

And you can do each at the speed and in the order that works best for you!

So to recap

If you prefer the structured daily lesson format . . . simply create yourself a daily schedule and write the following items on it, then do it each day:

  • persuasive, personalised writing
  • attracting people who need what you have, to join your list
  • creating training to provide the solutions to your subscribers
  • daily email, daily blog post, daily video
  • daily accountability and structure

And if you’ve been burning to get ahead, you can do that too!

but I would recommend to EVERYONE, no matter your style – focus on the daily work.

Break your year down into months and weeks and days.

Hold yourself accountable.

Keep a journal, writing down what you accomplish each day and then evaluate it frequently and be critical . . .are you actually doing what you set out to do?

If not, what needs to change in your implementation schedule?

Because if the way you are driving yourself isn’t working – just scheduling more of the same isn’t going to make it any better!

You MUST commit to finding a way to keep yourself motivated to get everything done that needs to be done each day

And course there are many tricks and techniques and systems out there . . . and you have to determine what works for YOU.

But at the same time you can’t use that as an excuse to say, I can’t find a system, so I’ll keep floundering.

The fact of the matter is the system of doing a little bit of work on each part of your business – as I have shown you in the lessons – has been working to help you get more done each day!

So now you simply have to write out what you are going to work on each day and pretend it is a lesson from me instead of you writing it out!

If that’s what it takes!

So now I’ll give you the rest of the lesson material:

  • persuasive, personalised writing (writing assignments)
  • attracting people who need what you have, to join your list
  • creating training to provide the solutions to your subscribers
  • daily email, daily blog post, daily video
  • daily accountability and structure

Let’s start with the writing assignments

Ideally, you’ll do one lesson per day, but if you want, you can do more than one lesson per day

but be sure not to rush the prior lesson, really take time, dig deep, and do it right so that you internalise the lesson so that you’ll be able to write sales letters from your heart and head once you have completed the last lessons

Writing Assignments

Ok, now let’s work on telling someone how you are going to deliver your solution.

Is it going to be a book, a series of print tutorials, mp3s, CDs, DVDs, videos, coaching, etc.?

How much information are they getting? (for example, one book, six training PDF’s, four MP3s, 12 DVDs, etc.)

So you are going to write one paragraph describing how you are going to deliver the solution.

If there are several parts to the delivery, for example multiple books, reports, mp3s, etc., you can use bullet points to list them.

But bullets are not necessary here.


this is only as long as necessary to tell them how it is delivered, because people want to know before they buy.

That’s it. 

No more. 

You aren’t selling them on how many parts there are to your course, this is just you explaining how it is delivered.

You see, people buy based on the results they believe they can get – which they should already be sold on by the time they get to this section. 

This is not designed to sell them, just to inform them so they don’t hold off on buying because they don’t know.

That’s all.

Until next time

The Six Week Profit Plan

The Six Week Profit Plan is laid out as a daily lesson, which is a good thing, due to how much work there is to do

However you can choose to go much faster or slower, depending on your own needs.

Don't put yourself under any pressure to get this all done in a day or so, that might be the temptation but it's not really the best way.

Below you will find the links to each of the Lessons

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