Content Writing

Content Writing

As an Online Marketer I understand the importance of having compelling content that resonates with your audience.

Whether you need website copy, descriptions of services or products, an upgraded LinkedIn Bio – I am here to help

If you’re in need of a compelling product description that’s sure to make an impression, look no further.

With years of writing experience under my belt and the necessary skills to perfectly capture your product’s features and benefits in memorable ways, working with me guarantees a professional, informative piece of writing every time.

I understand that producing persuasive and engaging copy is key in making sure your company’s products stand out from the competition.

I use my expertise in content marketing to craft engaging materials, with each piece of work created, written with the intention to grab the reader’s attention and get audiences to take action.

All of my work is written with quality and accuracy in mind while keeping costs affordable.

I know how it feels to want great writing on a budget, so rest assured that when you come to me for assistance, you will be getting exceptional quality for the best value.

I am a writer who values integrity and puts customer satisfaction first, so I guarantee customer service excellence and top-notch results from start to finish in each project that I undertake.

Unique Content Tailored To You

When it comes to quality, I am Unique, just like your content will be.

I offer a top-tier writing service to help you improve the visibility and engagement of your website, product or service.

My clear, concise language succinctly highlights all relevant key points in either a short-form or long-form structure that is suitable for websites, emails and social media posts.

No matter the size or scope of your project, I am well-positioned to deliver professional and creative solutions that will increase your online presence.

From custom-crafted copy to on-brand messaging, I can formulate unique content solutions tailored directly to your needs.

What Does It Cost

If you’re looking for high-quality content writing services, look no further.

Hiring me as your content writer provides access to a service that will be sure to bring fresh and engaging content to your website on a monthly basis.

I work on a retainer basis at a price of £500 per month

When you hire me, you can expect a minimum delivery of 10,000 words per month which are certain to attract and appeal to readers due to their uniqueness and quality.

This works out at approx £0.05 per word, but I don’t count the words, I write what is required to get the job done properly

I have experience in a variety of topics and can confidently produce copy that is both captivating and persuasive.

I also pride myself on being able to adapt my writing style depending on the subject matter at hand, as well as any specific requirements set by you.

Whether you need something funny yet informative, or serious and professional, I guarantee that I will deliver my best work each and every time.

I believe my services offer superior value compared to other writing service providers.

How Long Will It Take

Crafting the perfect content takes time and effort.

When you hire me, you can expect a minimum delivery of 10,000 words per month

But if your topic or request is a little outside of my scope then it may take a little longer

Knowing when it will be ready is not an exact science, but there are several factors that could help refine my estimate, such as project scope and research requirements.

Before I can get down to writing, other elements like content type, number of pages and format also need addressing; if all these components are in place then you’ll have a realistic timeline shortly!

Your New Content Marketing Partner

With me, you gain peace of mind that your content will be delivered quickly and efficiently with no compromises made.

Not only that, but this high-quality writing comes at an unbeatable rate, around just £0.05 per word!

So rest easy in the knowledge that together we’ll craft engaging pieces tailored to meet your needs; my priority is delivering content to attract readers through its uniqueness and quality.

Leverage my experience and knowledge in creating impactful pieces that will paint a clear picture of who your brand is and how it values customers.

My long track record of success means that my Customers are getting quality output for competitive prices, something that is hard to find in the current market.

So if you’re serious about putting your best foot forward, book me today and allow me to be the content partner you deserve.

Don’t hesitate any longer, let me help you create captivating content!

Ready To Get Started

If you're ready to get started, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help.