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Steve has definitely been one of the best finds I had to expand my online business.

About three years ago I didn’t even have an online presence however Steve showed me not only how vital Search Engine Optimisation work was but also how it is an idea to get started even before you have selected a name for your website.

I was firmly of the belief that one simply built a website and the business rolled in… How wrong I was!

But with Steve working on my video and article marketing, social media work and blog’s, I now have four sites which are all on the front page of Google.

Steve also advised and helped me with my Google Adwords campaigns, which I was very grateful for, as I didn’t know a great deal about keywords for Google PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns, especially the campaigns I ran when my sites were young –

and believe me it is very easy to rack up big monthly bills with Google to get your site noticed.

I can not begin to imagine how much money Steve has saved me by doing the SEO work for me over the last three years, but I know it is certainly in the thousands of £’s!

My advise to anyone who wants a serious money making online presence is to get to Steve as early in the build as possible.

Steve is still one of my valuable working partners to ensure that I am forever up to date with all the tricks and changes that Google make every now and again.

Colin Staplehurst

Colin from Swindon Blinds
Picture of Imperial Contract Cleaning Website

Steve has built us a fantastic new website, which our customers are already telling us about.  

It’s helped us win more contracts and business and opened doors for us that were closed before.

Steve even visits our office and helps sort out our IT in the office.

Very friendly, excellent service….and he’s a bit good at golf too.

Malcolm Clarke
Imperial Contract Cleaning

Picture of Robert Corrigan's Wesbite

My name is Robert Corrigan and I have been working full time online since 2009.

I am a successful internet marketer but when it comes to the techie side of my business I’m often not that interested in building the things myself. 

So when I need a membership site building and I want to integrate it with JVZoo or Wishlist Member or Aweber, Steve is the person I talk to.

Over the last five years, Steve has provided the expert support I need to help make my multiple five figure product launches run smoothly. 

It is a great to know that nothing is ever too much trouble for Steve and he always seems to have a golden marketing nugget that I hadn’t thought of, or hadn’t yet implemented

During our relationship of me contracting Steve, we worked so well together, that we even created several money making sites together, where I could concentrate on the product creation side of things and I left everything technical to Steve

I would recommend Steve very highly – if you can book him, don’t hesitate and do it today

Robert Corrigan

Robert Corrigan
Picture of SMARTT North East LTD Website

I am the owner and Director of an educational training provided called SMARTT North East Ltd

I have been learning the ropes for online marketing since around 2014 and recently released my first product “SMARTT Social Media”

I came across Steve a few year ago from an internet marketers group that we are both in and I have since followed some of Steve’s amazing digital products.

A few days prior to my launch, due to a plugin, I hit an issue that I was unable to fix and at this point I was in melt down and really about to say “sod it I have failed in this”

By this time and unknown to me, Steve and one of his business partners were looking through my sales pages and noticed there was something not right. 

Steve’s business partner contacted me to notify me of this issue – with this news even more panic set in, however, he told me not to worry as Steve is an expert and would be able to fix it at such short notice and that he would call me the following day, which was a Sunday

Following the next day, as promised, Steve contacted me and cutting the long story short and after a 5 hour consultation (on a SUNDAY) over skype, Steve went above and beyond what was needed to help me address this technical support

I watched Steve throughout as he did the live changes in front of me and I could not believe how professional, knowledgeable, and most of all how patient he was throughout

That was not the end, Steve observed the launch of the product for the four days, making regular calls with technical support, information, advice and guidance – simply amazing

As the owner and Director of a well-established training provider, holding central government contacts for training individuals, we rely a lot on external partners for all types of support and I have to be honest as say, Steve’s service is at the top of our list by far

Having witnessed Steve’s technical support at first-hand I would not hesitate in recommending Steve’s service, before any other service out there, to any other marketer or businesses, large or small, for a professional, pleasant and clear service

Once more, thanks again Steve…..

You have no idea how much your expertise saved my BUTT and I will be eternally grateful

Barry Joyce

I have no problem in recommending Steve King’s Website Service.

Steve always has time to go through any questions I may have, nothing is too much trouble.

He is always quick to respond and take care of any updates that are needed

He really understands what you are after when building your webpage

Very professional looking web-sites at competitive prices

Matt Mumford
Professional Golfer

matt mumford golf website by steve king
Swindon Website Designer

My name is Stuart Turnbull and I have been working full time online since 2008.

I am a successful marketer but when it comes to the techie side of my business I’m often out of my depth.

When I need a membership site putting together or a web page coding I need expert help and my “go to” guy is Steve King.

When I engage Steve my time is freed up to focus on the parts of my business that I am good at and enjoy such as content creation safe in the knowledge that my websites are in good hands!

Steve has provided the expert support I need to make multiple five figure product launches.

It is a great comfort to know that Steve is always available by email or Skype and nothing is too much trouble for him.

I have found that employing people to provide technical support can be a hit and miss affair – they often have a good grasp of the techie stuff but they haven’t got a clue when it comes to marketing – I don’t have this problem with Steve – he knows the technical side of online marketing inside out and as an established marketer in his own right he also understands the marketing side.

If you are a new or established online marketer trying to do everything yourself – give yourself a break and call Steve – I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Stuart Turnbull
Online Business Owner

Steve helped me to bring my business into the Online Marketplace

Ever patient and helpful, Steve was always willing to answer my questions and point me in the right direction.

The results of our work together have now started to pay off in earnest and we are now seeing record month after record month ”

– Colin Staplehurst, UK

Colin Staplehurst

Colin Staplehurst