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Datafeedr Product Review


WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketers

Create profitable affiliate websites from a database of ~1 billion products across dozens of networks globally in minutes.

Save countless hours and effort in creating and maintaining your WordPress websites or WooCommerce stores.

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Would you like to create an Affiliate Store that automatically updates products and prices?

How about one that lets you create really useful comparison tables for every product?

Meet Datafeedr, a fantastic WordPress Plugin that does both of these, and more, and will help you grow your affiliate earnings

Owning an e-commerce store can be simpler than you expect and more lucrative too!

With millions of products available for affiliates to promote, the potential rewards from selling them are vast. Every time a sale is made, it could mean money in your pocket.

But setting it up yourself and doing it manually would be a mammoth task, which when you’re honest would never get done.

Datafeedr can take care of all of this for you and once you have set it up there is not that much maintenance for you to do

How Does Datafeedr Work?

Datafeedr simplifies the process of managing affiliate networks, by gathering together data-feeds and housing them in one central location.

With just a few simple clicks you can choose which categories are best suited for your website, with its corresponding products tailored to fit perfectly within those chosen categories.

Building a successful niche store with Datafeedr is easy!

All you need to do is

register and install the plugin on your WordPress site

search for relevant products and join affiliate networks that offer them

Configure Datafeedr so that it knows which Affiliate Networks and Merchants you want to use

Create your Product Sets, choose the Category you want the products to go in, (which when linked with Woocommerce will automatically create your product categories)

add product set in datafeedr

Enter Your product names in the boxes I have shown above and then press search.

Here’s my example of a search result I got when looking for Golf Gloves For my Golf Affiliate Store

search for golf gloves with datafeedr

Once you are happy with your product selection, you need to click on Add As Saved Search

save your search in datafeedr

The final step is to hit the Publish button

publish your search

As you can see from the above picture, I have also selected the auto import in Woocommerce Products, which saves me a ton of time

That’s the few steps you need to take each time, for each product set that you want to create.

Here’s a short video I made showing how I added a new Product Set

As with all things in life, the more often you do this, the easier it will become to get the results you want

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What Makes Datafeedr Special?

Datafeedr is a fantastic tool for building comparison affiliate sites. It integrates with nearly every affiliate network that exists and allows you to create niche affiliate websites very quickly.

Datafeedr offers a suite of features to simplify and automate your WordPress website or WooCommerce store to generate online revenue.

  • Powerful product search
    Search across multiple networks and retailers, filter by keywords, price, sale status and more to find the products your visitors want to buy.
  • Automatically add new products
    New products which match your saved searches are automatically added to your store keeping your inventory fresh.
  • Background product updates
    Product data such as prices and affiliate links are automatically updated at a schedule of your choice.

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Datafeedr Pricing Options

Whether you’re a beginner affiliate marketer or a pro, Datafeedr has a plan that will fit your needs now and in the future.

datafeedr pricing table

Datafeedr Support

Need a helping hand while using Datafeedr

The Support Team is available to help if you get stuck

Additionally, there is comprehensive documentation available so you will never feel stuck.

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s plenty of support in the dedicated Datafeedr Forum which can help provide a ton of answers from other experienced Datafeedr Users.

Wrap Up

If you’re new to Affiliate Marketing, or your website doesn’t have much traffic yet, I recommend starting on the lower tier plan, aptly called Starter.

The Starter plan gives you 10,000 API calls each month, which is perfect for starting out.  In fact it’s probably too much.

As an example, that’s enough to run a store with 50 categories, with 100 products in each category, which updates every three days!

Once you get things set up and you understand the technical side of things, there’s not a great deal of work for you to do.

This will let you concentrate on joining other affiliate programs and adding to your store.

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