Play Golf Between The Ears


Steve King & Richard Lawless PGA Professional

Play Golf Between The Ears

Have You Found The SECRET WEAPON Hiding In Your Golf Bag?

It’s Time You Stopped Beating Yourself Up, Remembering Your Bad Shots & Losing To Yourself Before You’re Even On The Course!!

It’s Time To Get Mental, Step Into The Zone & Start shooting The Scores You Deserve!!

Let me ask you some questions…

When you are stood on the First Tee…

  • Do You Dread The First Shot?
  • Maybe You will Top The Ball because you always do?
  • Perhaps you have no idea where the ball is going to go.
  • Maybe you have no confidence in your own ability.
  • Perhaps you are worried what your friends are going to say after you DUFF YOUR SHOT and you know it’s going to happen because you haven’t prepared mentally.
  • Are you fed up of following up a bad shot with yet another bad shot?

What ever result you currently achieve when you play golf  – We can help make you better!

When you next play golf, would you like to be able to do any of the following?

  • Have bags of confidence when you hit the ball?
  • Get more enjoyment from the game?
  • Reduce mental golf stress?

If you answered YES to any of the above…then you are in for a treat

Play Golf: Between The Ears

This coaching series take you through some of the mental aspects of the game that you need to consider when you play golf.

We have created a video for the most common Mental barriers that you need to overcome to play better golf:

  • Overcoming Mind Games On The Course
  • Overcoming First Tee Nerves
  • OK, Good, Excellent
  • Act As If
  • Leaving Work Behind
  • A Game Of Two Halves
  • Avoid Thinking Ahead
  • Try Reframing
  • Staying Hydrated
  • Playing Easy Holes
  • Using Your Memory
  • Playing The Same Course
  • Managing Expectations
  • Managing Playing Partners

Our coaching is designed for Beginner’s but a lot of this coaching will also help players who have been playing for a while and who just want to revisit the basics.

The most important part of this is to remember its a game and it’s supposed to be fun.

So don’t beat yourself up and remember to enjoy the good shots.

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