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Content Creation Project

Colin from Swindon Blinds asked me to help him with the Content Creation for his website to showcase his Swindon based Interior Blinds business, with a focus on his Photo Blind Range

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Content Creation

I took care of all of the written and video content for the website and his Social Media accounts.

We focused on creating a hub of informational content that led people into a sales funnel, overcame any objections they may have and helped them make an informed decision to buy a Photo Blind.

The results were excellent and Colin saw record sales for his products.

I also taught Colin the basics of on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) so that he better understood how the search intent of the user had a big impact on the rankings of the content, which meant he could get a better result from the content that he had created.

I also helped Colin save money with good optimisation of his Google Pay Per Click Ads

Colin’s Feedback

Steve has definitely been one of the best finds I had to expand my online business.

About three years ago I didn’t even have an online presence however Steve showed me not only how vital Search Engine Optimisation work was but also how it is an idea to get started even before you have selected a name for your website.

I was firmly of the belief that one simply built a website and the business rolled in… How wrong I was!

But with Steve working on my video and article marketing, social media work and blog’s, I now have four sites which are all on the front page of Google.

Steve also advised and helped me with my Google Adwords campaigns, which I was very grateful for, as I didn’t know a great deal about keywords for Google PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns, especially the campaigns I ran when my sites were young –

and believe me it is very easy to rack up big monthly bills with Google to get your site noticed.

I can not begin to imagine how much money Steve has saved me by doing the SEO work for me over the last three years, but I know it is certainly in the thousands of £’s!

My advise to anyone who wants a serious money making online presence is to get to Steve as early in the build as possible.

Steve is still one of my valuable working partners to ensure that I am forever up to date with all the tricks and changes that Google make every now and again.

Colin Staplehurst
Swindon Blinds

Colin Staplehurst

Sadly Colin has passed away,
I will forever miss him and I fondly remember the good times we had together.

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