How to Start a Print On-Demand Business

This guide will walk you through some of the things you need to know to set up your own print on-demand business

What is Print On-Demand?

Print on-demand (POD) is a business model where you create designs and upload them to platforms like Amazon Merch on Demand, Red Bubble & Teepublic

These platforms handle printing, shipping, and customer service for you, allowing you to focus solely on designing your products and collecting your earnings.

The Benefits of Passive Print On-Demand

By using POD platforms, you can enjoy create a near passive income stream:

  • There is no inventory management: The platform handles all logistics.
  • You can Focus on creativity: Spend your time designing instead of managing orders.
  • This business model is Scaleable: Upload your designs to multiple platforms to maximise your reach and sales.

Getting Started with Design Creation

  1. Brainstorm Design Ideas:
    • Draw inspiration from personal hobbies and passions.
    • Avoid using copyrighted or trademarked content.
    • Use tools like Etsy and Merch Informer to find profitable niches. Merch Informer offers a three-day free trial and helps identify less competitive sub-niches.
  2. Generate Design Concepts:
    • Spend some time to brainstorm ideas, ensuring they are unique and not infringing on existing copyrights or trademarks.
    • Verify phrases for safety using a trademark alert tool.

Design Tools and Resources

  • A paid design tool that simplifies the creation of professional-looking designs without needing graphic design experience. It offers:
    • Copyright-free fonts and graphics.
    • A wide range of customizable templates.
    • The ability to ensure designs have a transparent background, suitable for T-shirts.

Creating and Uploading Your Designs

  1. Design Multiple Variations:
    • Aim to create 20 to 30 designs to cater to various niches and to help increase your chances of sales.
    • Edit text and graphics using Placeit, and ensure your designs are saved as PNG files.
  2. Upload to Multiple Platforms:
    • Start with popular sites like Teepublic, RedBubble, and Amazon Merch on Demand. These platforms receive significant organic traffic, helping you reach a broader audience.
    • Set up your seller accounts, focusing initially on T-shirts due to their popularity and their ease of setup.

Optimising Your Listings for more Sales

  1. Craft Effective Titles and Descriptions:
    • Include the main phrase from your design in the title along with a low-competition keyword.
    • Avoid adding generic terms like “T-shirt” as some platforms automatically include them.
    • Use main and supporting tags to improve your design’s search ranking.
  2. Focus on T-Shirts:
    • T-shirts typically generate the most sales, so prioritise them over other products like stickers and phone cases.
    • Disable other product options to save time and streamline your offerings.

Final Steps

  1. Set Your Pricing and Go Publish:
    • Follow the platform’s guidelines for setting prices.
    • Once your listings are live, you’ll officially be a print on-demand seller.
    • Earnings are typically paid out via PayPal or direct deposit monthly.
  2. Repeat This Process Across Other POD Platforms:
    • Replicate this process on other print on-demand sites like RedBubble and Amazon Merch by Demand to broaden your reach and sales potential.

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