Your Affiliates Team

This is my latest IM related product, well I say ‘my’ in the loosest sense, actually it’s a  joint project with my buddy Jay Mueller.  We’ve also been lucky enough to also get some valuable technical help from Dan Thompson over at D9 Hosting, thanks Dan and some really helpful advice from Randy Smith, who is always there to offer solid advice…much appreciated.

So what’s the deal with this?

Well we decided to look for areas within Internet Marketing that aren’t catered for overly well where we could help out.  We’re not talking about looking after the high fliers who have so much money they can do pretty much what ever they want online.  We’re talking about trying to help people who have just started to make some money online by creating their own products and are looking to take it to the next step.

Talking of products,  Jay & I are some of the latest Internet Marketers that have effectively graduated from John Thornhill’s 2009, Marketing Masterclass, so in a sense we are products too

Jay & I, like our other classmates who finished the course, have learned to create and sell their own online products.  What we have done is try to think a little further ahead and put something in place that will help product owners get more sales by having all of their Affiliate Resources in one easy to use place.

We’re about 4-6 weeks away from launching the product and have a ton of work to do still, but if you would like to know more about it and maybe even learn from the way we take it to market, then check out our ‘Info Page‘ where you will be able to sign up to hear more about it – and there will even be a little incentive for anyone who chooses to buy it.

Try not to let my voice put you off

That’s me done for the day, I’m off to Birmingham tomorrow to meet up with another classmate Rob Corrigan, we’ve got a few little ideas brewing in the background.

Speak Soon