Website Traffic – Chicken or Egg?

Ways to Earn Extra Money with your product creations.

Website traffic generation is a bit of a Chicken and Egg situation really isn’t it?  What do I mean? Well, let me ask you which is the better option, would you rather:

Spend a few weeks to create a product and then drive traffic to it to make sales

Go where the traffic is and then create a product for the traffic and try to make sales.
This is something I am always trying to figure out which is the better option of the two

In the first instance it’s possible to create a product and then drive lots of traffic to the product via articles or hub pages, squidoo lenses, forum signatures etc etc and it’s possible that sales can be made…assuming it’s a product that people have a need for.

The second option must seem the safer bet of the two, there are already people searching for the product that we are going to create….but does that mean they will open their wallets and pay money, not always.

I have experienced both situations, I wrote a book ‘Beginner’s Guide to Sales’ which took me a couple of months to write and it’s a piece of work that I am proud of.  I then drove lots of traffic to the site and thus far not as many  sales as I would have liked…I’m thinking it’s such a niche product that there aren’t as many people in the niche looking to buy as I thought there were.

I then created a golf site dedicated to ‘putting training’ which is something that I am able to speak on with some authority.  I have managed to get this site into the first, second or third position on all of the google sites in the world…and this was competing against some 25,000,000 other sites.  Impressive SEO, but high google ranking does not always mean that you will get traffic, especially targetted paying traffic.

So what should we do?  Which is the better way?

I think there are equal merits to doing either but the one thing that you absolutely have to do is market research.

Make sure there is a buying market for your product and then it probably won’t matter which option you choose to get your traffic.

Maybe the question should be

Would you rather have lots of traffic
Would you rather have lots of sales.

It should follow that you get the traffic and then you get the sales, it’s not always the case in the real world, I’d love to hear your take on this…feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think.

I thought as I have learned how to do it I would add some audio to the post, hope you like it.

Happy Marketing – SK