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I’m sure we’ve all seen plenty of case studies about “how so and so accomplished this in just 3 days”.

The case studies are designed to give you the impression that these accomplishments are easy or simple.

But has it ever seemed to you as though there’s something fishy about that?

I mean the one thing they all have in common is that nothing ever went wrong in the case study.

Everything just magically works perfectly…

You pay a few bucks, grab the case study, but when you try to implement it, you discover there are all sorts of complicated variables and roadblocks and mistakes that weren’t mentioned in the study.

They make it a point to NOT include the difficult or embarrassing details and mistakes made along the way…

Well not today.

Steven Alvey was a total internet marketing newbie. He was broke, had a family of 7 to feed, and had ONE SHOT at getting his product launch right.

And boy did it go right. Steve generated over $20K in sales!

BUT, what makes this case study different from all those others, is that Steve revealed every single embarrassing mistake he made along the way.

I’ve been selling online for over a decade, and even with my own successes and experiences, I still learned some key points about things I do in my own business

This is an honest, gritty, nothing-held-back case study that you can use as a blueprint in your own launch.

Grab it here fast before the launch special ends:

You can read more here

As always, if you have any questions feel free to get in touch and I’ll be happy to help

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