week seven ~ day three

Learn how to 
create your own 
Info Products

If you’ve completed all the lessons, you should have enough practice to now be
able to sit down and write a persuasive letter – whether a sales letter or an
email letter or a letter to your wife . . .

from the top of your head – and use the persuasive, rapport building components to lead your reader to the natural conclusion of taking the action you recommend – if indeed it is a good fit for that person!



I have deliberately placed the Traffic Module out of sight, as I wanted people to go through the course before they skipped past it to see if there is a magic button.

Which there isn’t…

This is how I go about getting traffic…

You may want to get yourself a drink, a pen and and notepad, as this is quite a long module.

Congratulations on getting this far  – you are in the 1% of people who commit.  

This is an amazing journey, and thank you for allowing me to help guide you.

I wish you every success in your Info Product Creation journey