The CD-Rom Collection

One way to get your eBay store full of Interactive CD-Roms is to go and buy a load from eBay, hope they are good quality and then hope you are allowed to resell them.

Another way to fill your store is to build them yourself. That way you can build exactly what you want, and you always have full control over quantity and quality….but if you’re not that quick with the techy stuff or just really don’t want to do it yourself then that may not be the answer either.

But, what if you could have good quality, at decent prices and are allowed to resell them and keep all the revenue for yourself

Well now you can.

Over time I hope this will become a library of CD-Roms with resell rights licences that are not only created by me but also by you the members.

If you would like to add your CD to the library, get in touch and I’ll walk you through what’s involved




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