Targets For 2011

There’s an old Chinese Proverb that says:
When planning for a year, plant corn.
When planning for a decade, plant trees.
When planning for life, train & educate people.

And so here I am to plant my corn for 2011

Over the last few years I have made great strides with my online business…but to be brutally honest with myself…what the hell have I been playing at?

I work really hard, help lots people (which I will always do) created loads of decent products and yet I haven’t made a big enough impact into the Internet Marketing World.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not wanting to be an IM Guru or IM Rockstar (see Frank Kern or Mike Filsaime), but I am sufficiently good at what I do to make a bigger ripple in the IM pond than I currently do.

I’ve had good instructors, but none that I can really call a Mentor!   John is pretty close and he is the best coach I’ve had to date, but the after support is not as good as it could be.

That’s not JT’s fault at all…he’s busy being a marketer, creating products and making the hype and I will always be thankful for what he taught me (even though I paid a ton of money for the pleasure).

The reason I don’t register as highly as I should is the size of my _ _ _ _

(now, now – let’s keep it clean) – The size of my LIST.
My subscriber list is my biggest asset  and it’s just not big enough.

As most IM’ers do, part of my online activities followed the path of the Giveaway…which really should read ‘take-away’ and I cultivated a massive list of just under 500 non-responsive people.  It may as well have been nil for all the attention they paid….Although from my part I wasn’t that proactive with them…I did it half heatedly and to be honest just wasted my resource and time.

So I decided to ditch the lists, all the email addresses and start again…with a purpose and with a goal. From Nil…to prove to myself that I know how to do it.

In terms of list size I am going to build – ’5,000 active subscribers’ who are happy to be on one of my mailing lists by the end of December 2011.

Hey, that’s les than 14 a day and I think 5,000 responsive subscribers is about the same as a list of 50,000 which has a 10% open rate…see at least I’m good at maths

In order to do this I need to be different.  I need to give away great quality and really useful information.  So that’s exactly what I am going to do.

I have some little goals that I want to achieve along the way, which include:

Creating my own WordPress Theme, which I plan to give away to new IM’ers
Creating several Fixed Term Memberships…which I am also going to give away for free.
Improve the quality of my free monthly newsletter

Giving stuff away for free is not a new concept I hear you say…and you’re right.

But helping people make some income online is…especially if you judge your own results by the results of your students.

There are too many IM coaches who judge their own success by the success of their students…more often it’s by how much money they make themselves.

There aren’t too many real success stories from JT’s Masterclass, I wonder how many people have actually earned enough money from what they were taught to reimburse their course fees?

Alex Jeffrey’s seems to have a good name for promoting his students, which is why I signed up for his course in Mid-December, but spending time in his forum tells me there are lot’s of people struggling in there too…time will tell if the course is worth the fee paid!

I’m going to keep away from all the hyped up Affiliate Launches which happen more and more regularly…with products that are just crap, cancellation rates that are even worse and piss poor service if you do get suckered into buying something.  Here’s a decent quote from David Ogilvy

“Never write an advertisement which you wouldn’t want your own family to read. You wouldn’t tell lies to your own wife. Don’t tell them to mine. Do as you would be done by. If you tell lies about a product, you will be found out — either by the Government, which will prosecute you, or by the consumer, who will punish you by not buying your product a second time. Good products can be sold by honest advertising. If you don’t think the product is good, you have no business to be advertising it.” – David Ogilvy
Trust, Honesty, Integrity…

These are traits I don’t have to plan for…these are in built in me already…as they are in most people.  Maybe more IM’ers will adopt this approach in 2011

So the main highlights in the year ahead are:

I’m looking forward to creating the IM Coaching Membership Site and all the content that will be needed.  As I said I’m going to give it all away for free…but I do expect to make more money from it as a result.  If you know anything about affiliate marketing you’ll understand.  If you’re not sure..well maybe you should become a member and find out

I am also doing some exciting JV’s with some of my IM friends…One I’m doing is as techie support for a membership site that will run into thousands of members, so I’m really looking forward to that and making sure I do the best job I can.  I’ll keep you updated on the blog throughout the year.

Rich & I are going to be releasing several more video coaching programmes for Weekend Golfers, three of which are nearly complete…I’m currently building the mini-sites and the Affiliate Resources, all three will be live & on CB by the end of Q1  (31st March 2011)

I am also going to look into building our first iPhone App at Weekend Golfers – that’s something I’m really looking forward to doing.

So there’s a busy year ahead.  My planning has been broken down into quarters/months/weeks and days…I know exactly what I need to do, how to do it and by when…which is half the battle.

I welcome your feedback and encourage you to plan 2011 out for your own online business.

Happy Marketing