Questions, eBay Shops, Interviews and a Clinic


I hope you have had a good week and are getting ready to enjoy your weekend.

Next week I am travelling a couple of hundred miles to spend the week working with Rob.

We are going to be putting the finishing touches to our latest product and having a bit of down time together.

While we are together we will be in a position to answer any questions you may have about your online business.

So we’re going to collect the questions and shoot a video for everyone.

So if you have anything that you would like help with feel free to ask a question and we’ll be happy to help.

We’ll publish the video as soon as we have recorded it and I’ll let you know when it’s online.


eBay in the UK have just raised their prices for shops. My monthly shop price would have gone up from around £18 to £25, quite a jump. So I have decided to close mine down for a while and go back to personal listings.

This is not really a reflection on my eBay business but I’ve never been a fan of businesses increasing their prices on their loyal customers…just because they can.

I always think if you have an active online subscription in place that it should remain at the same price until the customer chooses to close it.

It’s what I do in my business and the costs are no more or less. I’ll see how it affects my sales.


Rob was recently interviewed by Richard Butler, along with many other top internet marketers, including Reed Floren and Alex Jeffreys, to name just a couple.

The theme of the interviews is to share what is the one common trait all successful people have?

If you would like to watch them, Richard has bundled the Interviews together and they are available here


Have you heard about the Internet Marketing Clinic?

It’s online training from Omar & Melinda Martin, they tell me that inside their member’s area, you’ll be treated to a training experience like nothing you have ever taken part in before.

Who is it for?
Anyone who is new to Internet Marketing and to anyone who is not making as much money from their efforts as they would like to be.

This all new never-seen-before training will help get your internet marketing efforts
UN-stuck, and start profiting in the quickest and most simple way possible.

What’s the content?

The IMC is a series of 4 live interactive online classes created for Internet Marketers that are stuck in an unproductive rut.

Each clinic is taught personally by Omar and Melinda Martin who cover Traffic, List Building, Conversion and Scaling. These are actionable lessons that include both practical demonstrations and didactic training on the fastest and most reliable methods that they use today in their own business.

The session recordings are available in the members area along with verbatim PDF transcripts and other accompanying material within 24 hours of each live class. Each module includes additional study material including slides and checklists. Also included is a 30 minute 1 on 1 consultation and there are also several bonus “mini-classes” on topics relevant to the clinics in case the student wants extra help.

When is it available?
It’s open for three days starting today and the doors close on Sunday 5th March at midnight EST

You need to get in before the clock hits midnight (Est) Sunday

Visit The IM Clinic – click here

That’s all for this week, I hope you have a great weekend, and as always, if you have any questions please let me know, simply reply to this email and I’ll be happy to get back to you.

Enjoy your weekend


4 thoughts on “Questions, eBay Shops, Interviews and a Clinic”

  1. I’ve never had an ebay shop. I have always gone for individual listings and because I am a top rated seller these are quite low cost, so financially it’s always been better for me, even at £18 a month the shop would be way more expensive. Love your principles about charges for loyal customers!

    Enjoy the journey!

    • Hi Mandy

      It’s all about looking after your customers properly. The big companies seem to be without soul these days, maybe that’s always been the case

      But every time you buy from a local business someone does a happy dance…

      Have a good weekend


  2. Hi Steve good blog Ye I agree funny though I packed my eBay shop up months ago and I just opened up one again today but I will see how it goes but as you say should be the longer your with them the cheaper it should be but all these company’s are at this now every time you renew with them for yr it goes up

    • Hi Trevor

      I agree, making it cheaper would be nice, but I’d settle for keeping the prices the same


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