Poor Audio means Poor Video

For the last five weeks I have been trying to shake off a cold / cough, which I seem to be failing at big time.

It’s put paid to a couple of video series that I have been working on – I recorded one and my voice sounded so bad…I decided to wait.

But bear with me I will get the Keyword Research series finished as soon as I am able to.

That’s the thing with video, no matter how good your presentation is, or how compelling the information you are putting across…if you have poor audio…you’ll have  a poor video.

I recently bought a PLR Video series from another marketer, I was curious to see how they had their sales funnel set up and to be fair it was all very impressive, right up until the part when I inserted the DVD in to my laptop and started to watch the first video.

I watched about 35 seconds and the guy giving the presentation sounded like he was full of cold, he sniffed his nose I don’t know how many times and it just sounded terrible.  I stopped watching the series and any message that was inside of the video course is now lost on me…and not to mention the Marketers recommendations and affiliate links.

The same can be said of the recording equipment, if the microphone you use isn’t of a good enough quality the poor audio quality will spoil the video…enough said.  Anway with a bit of luck I’ll soon be able to string a few sentences together without sounding like I’ve been smoking 40 a day for the past twenty years.

Catch up soon and as ever Happy Marketing  -Steve