Picture Post

Over the last couple of days I have been looking at lots of other Blogs, quite a few are my “MasterClass” student class mates.

There are some really cool blogs out there.

While I was looking at all the blogs, the biggest thing to hit me was the ones that immediately stood out, were the sites with pictures and videos.

Lots of colour and impact – as you would expect in Marketing.

So I got to thinking, I can either get out my digital camera and start shooting pictures of everything that I see, or find out where can I get some relevant pictures from and how can I get them without having to pay loyalties or commissions?

I was quite surprised how many free sites there are out there.

I checked over a few Sites and the two that I found easiest to use are as listed below.

Don’t worry there’s not an affiliate link in sight and as long as I’ve understood correctly, you are able to use their images for free.

  • Stock Xchng – the leading free stock photo site
  • Free Foto – Free Pictures

I hope they help you to find a free picture for what ever you may need one for.  I know I’ll be using them.

Happy Marketing – SK