My Internet Marketing Journey 2010

I kicked off 2010 by choosing to improve my understanding of Affiliate Marketing and also Marketing to Affiliates.  Two very different animals.

In terms of Affiliate Marketing I had already been making sales as an affiliate through either my relationship with my subscribers as well as up-selling affiliate products on my own product download pages, but not with any real plan or specific goals.  It was more a case of hoping someone would buy an Affiliate Product through my link rather than taking them through a clearly mapped out sales funnel…lesson learned but not for a few months.

Up Step Mark Ling – Mark is an extremely successful Internet Marketer who earns well in excess of one million dollars per year. Mark is well known in the internet marketing world, mainly due to his launch of and highly successful products such as AffiloJetpack, AffiloBlueprint and Traffic Travis.  Having been in the game since 1999, Mark has built up a wealth of knowledge about a range of topics from affiliate marketing through to product launches….so  a wealth of knowledge to learn from.

I completed the AffiloBlueprint course and have a site in the Energy Niche that does quite well – you can take a peep here.. Alternate Home Energy Review I also set up one based on the Facebook game Farmville…my site is called Farmville Frenzy and it does ok

The highlight of the year for me was the creation of Weekend Golfers.  I wanted to have a break from working in the IM niche and as I love playing golf  it was an obvious step forward for me to create some golf products using the IM skills I had learned over the past couple of years.

The WG Team grew very quickly, with my partner Rich Lawless (who is the best golf coach I have ever met) we created our first Video Coaching Program called Drive For Show and I also knew the value of recruiting an army of Affiliates to sell our products.

To do this properly is an quite a big undertaking and as luck would have it, out of a converstaion born on the Warrior Forum, I came to an agreement with a lovely guy called Gary Caine.  I am proud to say that Gary is Weekend Golfers Affiliate Manager and has created us an excellent site  – WG Affiliates Team and Gary know’s how to market to Affiliates. And between us we have one of the best Affiliate Programs in the golf niche….feel free to try us out and watch your commissions come pouring in.

During this time I also became a Moderator for John Thornhill’s Masterclass Forum, which I was really pleased to be able to do and for the most part I am able to help out other MC Students, who are going through the same aches and pains I went through a few years ago.

In terms of financial successes, I had some good weeks and some bad weeks, as we all do, but one of the highlights was that I beat my record sales day with a $1500 pay day.  Not bad for a couple of hours work.

During the year I also did some work with local businesses, which created some sensible pay days but more importantly for the future of my online business, I recruited one of my best online friends, Kathy Dobson, to be my Outsourcing Manager – for both Weekend Golfers and my IM businesses.  We only did a little bit of work at the end of the year, but there are plans to do a lot more throughout 2011, WG has three more products in the pipeline which will all be ready for the start of the 2011 golf season.

Another big highlight for me, and one that makes me really excited about the years to come, is that Angie, my girlfriend, has decided to come on board to work with me.  This is great news for my customers and subscribers as Angie is really focused on giving great service as well as keeping me on track  and helping people achieve their online goals.

2010 was the biggest step forward in my IM Journey, I earned significantly more than I’d spent, I have built a solid business in Weekend Golfers and the future is looking pretty rosy.  I have now signed up to go through Alex Jeffrey’s Marketing with Alex course, to see where else I can improve my online business, you can read about that in the 2011 review.