My Internet Marketing Journey 2009

I remember it well – It was the last week of 2008 and I had bought a CD Course from eBay…it got delivered to me the first week of January 2009

The CD was The 90-Day Powerseller Challenge by John Thornhill

It was all about having your own ebook shop on ebay and selling ebooks that needed to be burned on to CD-Rom’s (they had to be to comply with the eBay regulations which had just come in force).

I watched all the videos and for the first time I was able to follow along and I almost understood everything.  When I bought the product John promised to send me any future updates for free…all I had to do was tell him which email he should send it to.

Once again I was on a mailing list.

As it turned out this time was a good time to be on a mailing list.  I had unwittingly stumbled upon someone who had been making money online full-time.  John was a proven eBay Powerseller and had been making a small fortune online and in my in box was an email from John informing me that he was going to be selling a Resellers License for one of the products he was selling  – it may even have been 90-Day Power Seller Challenge…I can’t remember to be honest.

I watched the sales videos of John’s incomes being paid into his ClickBank accounts and it certainly turned my head.  I was to be left disappointed this time round as I couldn’t afford to pay the fee – I think it was $297 or maybe $497…at the time I would have struggled to raise $27.

But I came away with a feeling that I had missed out on a good opportunity.

A few weeks later I received another email from John (well quite a few actually) this time he was re-opening the doors to his 36-Week Marketing Masterclass.  I knew I had to get in on this one – although this time the fee was the best part of $1600 and I never had the money.

At the time I wasn’t aware that it was a broadcast email to John’s many lists, I thought it was a personal email to me, after all he’d used my name (a tactic I would employ at a later date).

Anyway I wrote John an email saying I would have loved to join the course but I couldn’t afford it.  Later that night I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach telling me I had to get on the Marketing Masterclass Course…so I SOLD MY CAR to pay the fee.

Actually my car raised enough money to pay the first two months payments…which was ok because in two months time I would be earning money online and all would be good.

I was so excited, I wrote and told John what I had done…which he told me I shouldn’t have..who knew what I was really getting into…I was putting my trust in John to teach me how to make money online and in 36-weeks time I would have an online business and could give up my day job and have the financial freedom I was looking for.

So I got stuck into the course, each week I was being sent a load of coaching and tasks to do, I dutifully filled in my checklists and kept a folder, which was all nicely organised, I still have it and I occasionally look at it when I forget my ftp login details.

It was exciting times…I was learning to be a marketer and the things I was being taught were great, I really enjoyed sitting at my computer working on my business.


I won’t go into all the details of the course content, you can read that on John’s Sales Page.

Just Click on the Banner and John will let you have a free report (normally costs $37) that will tell you why you’ll never make it online…or if you think positive it will tell you the things to avoid.

It wasn’t that long before I made a sale as an Affiliate for one of John’s other products Profit From PLR , which for me is still John’s best work, in terms of the quality content you get for the price you pay, I am in fact a Licensed Reseller of Profit From PLR

During the 36-Week Course I learned how to blog and how to create a digital product and sell it in the ClickBank Marketplace.

I’m the first to admit that it wasn’t always plain sailing and I did get frustrated…but I had help!

One of the biggest bonuses of the course was the members forum.  I have made some really good friends as a result of doing the course, Mandy Allen, Rob Corrigan, Kathy Dobson,  John Edwards, Jay Meuller, Jacinta Dean, Keith Alston, Randy Smith, Dan Thompson, Paula Brett, Stuart Turnbull, Steve Wilkins to name but a few….sorry if I missed you off :)

The spirit of the Masterclass Members is a massive help in completing the course as everyone is really helpful and there was a feeling that we all wanted to see each other succeed and would do what we could to help achieve this.

The masterclass wasn’t the only coaching program for me in 2009.  I also took part in The Thirty Day Challenge delivered by Ed Dale, Dan Raine & GuruBob.  I was exposed to another aspect of working online:  SEO, Link Building, Article writing, Social Media, Keyword Research and most importantly Market & Niche Research.

I wish I’d done this course before I’d done the Masterclass Course as my learning curve would have been easier and my results would have been significantly better.  But there you are.  For a few months I was actually doing both courses at the same time, which was a test of my organisation and time management.  I also was  also guilty of trying to run too many projects all at the same time… a crucial lesson that I learned and a mistake I won’t be repeating again…very busy doing nothing!

For the remainder of 2009 I continued trying to decide what I wanted to deliver on my own blog…I eventually chose Internet Marketing and decided to share what I had learned.

2010 has to be a better year…right?