Moving Pictures

The next step from adding pictures to a blog or website is to start to add video too.

Video seems to be one of the quickest and increasingly more popular ways to get good search engine results for your website.  Even if your video looks home-made it’s still possible to get page 1 google rankings for your site.  This also depends on other facts too, like how many other sites there are for your chosen search word or phrase, to name but one.

There are plenty of Movie Making products out there, some cost lots of money, some cost little amounts of money…the one’s I’m going to tell you about are free.  Once again I have visited Mr G to find out what resources are available at no cost and I came up with a couple.  Again there are no affiliate links here, just links to downloadable products that are free to use.

The first is Windows Media Player which is FREE and will do an adequate job of creating transitions and adding titles and pictures.  There are good instruction aids available too.

The second is a product I have used myself for a while now and that’s Animoto.  This is a really cool tool that allows you to turn your pictures into studio quality video. You can even add music to the video, for which Animoto has a free library for you to choose from. The whole process takes about 20 minutes the first time you try it, but once you get used to it, you can make a video in only a few minutes.

Animoto have a couple of options, you can pay them some money for an annual subscription, or you can try their 30 second video offer which is free.  I think most people that use the 30 second option will eventually go for the longer videos.

Here’s an Animoto video I made of my cricketing Buddies in the middle of last year, don’t worry too much about the content or the picture quality, I took the pictures on my then 1-megapixel cellphone, anyway I hope you can see what the possibilities are with this great software.