Hundred up and a Happy Dance

Jacinta Dean, Like all good Aussies has gone on to make a Century…of blog posts that is!

Well done Jacinta, it’s not a milestone that many bloggers reach, and Jacinta is not just a blogger…she does it while running a business around her little girl…you can read more here.

I read about Jacinta’s feat over at John Thornhill’s Masterclass Forum.  A place which is full of people all trying to succeed online, whether that’s to go full time online or just to make a bit of extra cash, it’s a fun place to be, very educational at times and easy on the eye when I can’t sleep.

Anyway, I read Jacinta’s forum post and it made me think about what I had achieved over the last few years.  I have kept mementos of things that help mark my progression.  Things that help remind me where I have come from.  Check out my cool video production..I bet I don’t win any awards for my production techniques.