How to buy a Domain Name

By now, you likely know what your Website will be about, so you need to choose your name.

I will be using

Once you have registered for an account – and have logged in – you can start searching for an available domain name.

Type in the domain name idea you have for your website.

You will find out if it is taken, or available to register.

If it is taken, try to come up with variations or other ideas that will correspond with your website’s topic.

TIP: Try to get a .com where ever possible.

A .com domain name can be registered for as little as $10.00 for one year
A domain name can be registered for as little as £12.00 for two years, two years is the minimum period allowed for registering a name.

Once you find a name you love, and that is available, just follow the steps to register the domain.

It is very straight forward and will give you options to pay with credit card or PayPal.

Follow the instructions they give you along the way until the name is registered.

**Money Saving tip**

Do a Google search for “godaddy coupon code” you can usually find a code, that you can use during checkout for new domains, that will take some money off the total price!  It is very easy – and straightforward.

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