How a Day in the Gym Changed my Online Perspective

It was a normal Tuesday evening weight lifting session in my local gym.  I was doing my usual routine of bouncing from weight station to weight station lifting as much as I possibly could when my gym instructor approached me about my technique.  He said he had been watching me and had noticed that I was doing far too many different weight lifting exercises for just one session.

So reluctantly, I followed him over to his desk where he proceeded to explain to me that it was not necessary to do so much all at once.  I should actually concentrate on just a few exercises but lift big with a low amount reps.  So in plain English I should not exhaust my body by jumping from one exercise to the next but instead concentrate on a few core exercises that will be build up strength fast.

Following his advice I went straight back to it just doing a few core exercises but to the maximum.  The results I found after were truly amazing.  I felt stronger, had more energy at the end of my workout and did not have the usual down hearted feeling because I had not completed all the exercises I set myself for that day.

As I was walking home from the gym  I started thinking and analyzing what my gym instructor had said to me again and it all made perfect sense.  I cannot believe it didn’t think of it myself, I mean why was I putting so much extra pressure on my myself, why didn’t I  just keep it simple and focused?

I think we can all tend to put far too much pressure on ourselves in the activities we partake in.  We seem to always have to push ourselves to the limit to believe we can achieve the results we want.  I think this goes for life and business in general.

If we are not exhausted then we haven’t done enough that day – we haven’t tried hard enough!  Does that sound familiar? Well it does to me, or at least it used to. Taking on board what my gym instructor had said I could start to see that there were areas in my online business where I was putting far too much effort in.

On certain days just like when I was in the gym I was trying to do far too much, jumping from task to task but never really fully completing any of them.  I think my subconscious believed that it was the last 24 hours I was ever going to have so I kept going and going to the point of exhaustion.

Now don’t let me cloud your judgement here, we all need to work hard at times and ‘burn the midnight oil’ so to speak but my message here is that with a little organisation and prioritisation we can make life and work so much easier for ourselves.  The hardest route isn’t always the most direct route.  Accept help and advice from others and outsource the parts of your  business that don’t need your direct attention.

Sometimes even I believe I know it all, then out of the blue a few words of wisdom from a person you least expect it  can steer you back in the right direction.

All the best for now,