Helping Your Outsourcer Help You

There are many steps involved in recruiting and employing someone to work with you on a project.

For instance you need to write and post a job spec, go through all the responses and bids, research your short-list and then interview them in order to find the right person….and that’s enough of a topic for a blog post on it’s own.

but today, I want you to imagine that you’ve already done that part

Getting It Right First Time

I think one of the keys to a successful venture is to give your chosen outsource partner as much information as you can, to make their lives easier, to be able to give you the end product that you desire

So today I was going through some of my old stuff and I found the video spec that I made for the tech guy that made one of my iPhone Apps.

I tried to make things as easy as possible for him, let’s see if I achieved it:

And here’s the video that I made for my customer once the app had been created

What do you think, does the end product match my video job spec?

Tell me, what’s been your experience of outsourcing…Good or Bad?


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