Heads Up

The header and Footer have gone on to the blog!  I really like them, it makes it look so much different than the original blue…what do you think?

Week 5 out of 36 of John Thornhill’s Masterclass has arrived in my email inbox, promptly at 8pm (3pm EST) and like a little kid I couldn’t wait to get started.

Week 5 was presented by Dan Sumner who is John’s Suppport Manager.

Good effort Dan, I really enjoyed your videos and learning how to change the HTML code in the blog.

I learned how to put the Header and the Footer into the blog code.

The first time I looked at the HTML code it just looked like a bunch of jumbled letters and numbers encased in lots of brackets.

But after listening to Dan, I am now starting to see a logic to the layout of the code.  I am planning to get some basic training on writing HTML code, I’m sure it’s going to come in handy in the future.

I have also learned how to put ad banners in the Posts and in the blog sidebars.  All with my affiliate links attached of course.

I have been quite surprised at how many different revenue streams there are available, I’m sure there are still more to follow, and this before I even start to write my own products…which I am really looking forward to.

Apparently the course has been a bit slow for some of the other students, John has let us all know that it’s about to get a bit more full-on, it’s certainly flown by for me.

I have found it very interesting and there is a real sense of achievement seeing the constant changes and improvements we are making on a weekly and now daily basis.

At this speed of change,  I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s going to be like by week 36…but I’m ready for the journey.

Happy Marketing – SK