Getting Traffic to your Site

At the back end of 2008, before I had enrolled on the MasterClass Course, I spent a few weeks online looking at various articles informing me about ways to make money online.

I had answered a few surveys and questionnaires and before I knew it I was receiving emails promoting this or that product. This is how people were building their lists…something I am just learning about.

I subscribed to a few products and had varying degrees of success.  Nothing like the success that I should have had which was largely because I didn’t really understand what I was meant to be doing.  In the last five weeks, with the MasterClass Course and my own research, I am now better equipped to be more succesful with these same products.

There was one area that I really enjoyed and actually got reasonably good results at…and that was Mass Marketing using Video.  I subscribed to a product called Traffic Geyser.

Traffic Geyser is all about Marketing using Video.  The site has tons and tons of information about how to use Video to promote your business.

At a time when my understanding of these things was very limited, I watched every single video available, enjoyed them thoroughly and got a reasonable understanding of what and how I was supposed to do things.

The training was very much step by step and delivered with complete novices in mind.

I highly recommend taking a look, if you click on the banner at the bottom of the post it will take you to an area within Traffic Geyser that gives you a 30-day free trial…and we all like free.