How To Fix A Slice

It’s time you stopped slicing the ball and started hitting the fairways and greens!

You can stop your slice forever.

You just need to know the Quick Fixes the Pro’s won’t tell you….Until now!

Putt For Dough

It’s time you stopped 3-putting and lowered your scores!

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Drive For Show

Drive For Show by Weekend Golfers

CRUSH your drives further and straighter down the fairway on EVERY hole

You’ll learn the fundamentals of a great swing from start to finish, with the help of the Drive For Show coaching videos.

In fact, once you tap into your hidden power… you’ll hit deep, long, straight drives off every tee.

You’ll start hitting 250 and 275 yard drives just as quickly as guys who’ve been playing for years!

Meet The Pro

With over 20 years of experience in coaching golf as a Professional, I am committed to the ongoing improvement of my coaching skills and I continually attend CPD (Continuous Professional Development) courses. I look forward to helping you get your game in shape