Beat the medical odds

Beat the medical odds is a new eBook written and published by fellow Masterclass Student Harriet Denz-Penhey.  Harriet has put together one of the most informative and inspirational eBooks that I have seen.  Let’s find out more.

Are you or someone you care for facing the consequences of serious illness and disease with little hope and no expectation of recovery from your medical carers?

Of course we have all heard of stories of unexpected survival. Religious traditions around the world and from time immemorial have spoken of them. Doctors usually call this spontaneous remission and then dismiss it as if no-one can learn anything from it. And certainly they have no real knowledge of what someone who is seriously ill can do which might make a difference.

When Harriet Denz-Penhey was seriously ill and needed to know how to get better she could get no sense out of the medical profession. And the church was not much better ? they suggested it was all a matter of faith, but had no suggestion as to how one might get to that level of faith. Then after she recovered she tried to discuss what she had learned with her doctors. They claimed to know it all ? then. Wow did that make her mad!

She decided to go and do some medical research to find out what was already known about unexpected recovery and what she could add. All up she spent about twenty years exploring this and doing her own research. Her fantastic research has been written up and published for any health professional to see. I am simply amazed by her findings.

Now the information is available to anyone who needs to know. The new approach to supporting people who are seriously ill is to share the stories of people who were so ill they should have died but didn?t. Dr Harriet Denz-Penhey has identified all of the strategies and tactics that her research participants had in common and has put this together in an easy-to-read ebook, making the information available for everyone, not just the medical professionals.

The stories make the important aspects seem so easy, so rational and so normal that it makes the impossible seem so much more possible. Fortunately all of the activities and attitudes undertaken by the people who did much better than medically expected will improve your quality of life. It will give you and your loved ones legitimate hope.

Dr Harriet Denz-Penhey has done what no-one else has managed to do until now and that is fit all of the pieces of the health, miracles and healing jigsaw together in a simple easy to remember way.

Here’s your link to get a copy of Beat the Medical Odds

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having to deal with serious illness for yourself or someone you care for you need this information.

I think the quality of this eBook really goes to show how good John Thornhill’s teaching methods are.  There will be more quality products to follow for sure.

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