Having spent week 4 of John Thornhill’s MasterClass Course learning about Aweber’s Auto responders,  I decided to find out more about them and what they do.

John started the week 4 Video series by telling me that it would be the most important video I would watch in my quest to become a full time Internet Marketer…I believe him.  I can already see the benefit of having everything automated so you can concentrate on adding valuable content to your subscribers.

From what I can gather, if you don’t get a good autoresponder to do your work automatically for you from day 1, then you are really missing out on an opportunity to collect subscribers and ultimately the opportunity to make sales of whatever product you have on promotion.

What did I find out about AWeber?

Well, unlike everything else I have subscribed to on the internet so far, as well as a confirmation email, I also received a letter through the “good old fashioned Royal Mail”.  I was welcomed on board as a new customer and supplied with contact details should I need anything in the future.  Good marketing…for sure, but also a good customer service level which you’ll already know I am a fan of.

Anyway, I discovered that AWeber are:

  • The industry preferred choice.
  • They use a double opt in service which avoids fake emails entering your database.
  • They are trusted by the world’s top ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) ensuring that your emails will get delivered.

Aweber have lots of features and extra benefits for their customers in their members area.  You are able to use their company branding for your own affiliate links, which always look professional,  like the one below.
So if you like what you read but are not sure…I can confidently recommend AWeber, I have subscribed to AWeber as a customer and I can really see how good they are so I have also signed up as an affiliate, but don’t just believe me why not take a look for yourself…

Happy Marketing  – SK