Affiliate marketing explosion

Total Guide to Maximizing Sales as An Affiliate

An Introduction to the course

Welcome to VidPost Coaching.

In an attempt to avoid boring you to death, I have converted each key section into a video..

The aim of the video is to make digesting the content a little easier.

So rather than being faced with 22 articles that may take a while to read.  you can actually get through the whole course in one or two sittings. 

What you’ll Need

Note Pad



Part 1

An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Part 2

How Affiliates Make Money

Part 3

What Makes Super Affiliates, Super?

Part 4

Some Common Mistakes Affiliates Make

Part 5

How Do You Choose Your Niche

Part 6

Finding The Best Affiliate Programs

Part 7

Getting Paid The Highest Rates

Part 8

Pay Per Lead Programs

Part 9

Recurring Income

Part 10

Domains and Affiliate Marketing

Part 11

Pay Per Click Strategies

Part 12

Content Creation And Affiliate Marketing

Part 13

Getting Other Site owners To Promote You

Part 14

Blogs And Affiliate Marketing

Part 15

Podcasting And Affiliate Marketing

Part 16

Affiliate Marketing With Videos

Part 17

Affiliate eMail Marketing

Part 18

Affiliate List Building

Part 19

Social Marketing, A Brief Overview

Part 20

Using Affiliate Feeds

Part 21

Call To Action

Part 22

You Get What You Deserve

I hope you Enjoyed The VidPosts!

When creating Affiliate Marketing Explosion I used some software called Content Samurai.   As you can see it’s super easy to create high quality looking Videos.

I liked it so much I built a review site dedicated to it.  You can even get a 7 Day Free Trial to test it out for yourself.

When creating Affiliate Marketing Explosion I used some images that were used under a Creative Commons License.
You can see the full list of images and attributions for each video:
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