400 Miles to make a product in a day

400 Miles to make a Product in a Day! What the hell is that all about?

Well it’s how I spent my day today.  I usually get to lay in bed after 7am on a Saturday, but not today.

I jumped in my car at 6:45 am & popped out for a chat with my friend Rob Corrigan, trouble is Rob lives nearly 200 miles away from me so it took a few hours….but it was going to be worth it.  We were getting together to create a digital product together – A Fire-sale, which is basically a heavily discounted Sale of all the products we have created – we added some cool services and bonuses to our package too

We got the idea from John Thornhill, who has been instrumental in both Rob and my own progress online.  John recently did a fire-sale of his own called 72 Hours Of Madness and then posted his results on his blog.  We listen to what John has to say and we saw an opportunity for us to have a go too.

I arrived in Liverpool at around 9:30 and was met by a very cheery Rob (he always is) and by 1:30 we had finished our product…apart from ordering our graphics.

We even had an email consultation with John, who was happy to help us out – even on a weekend!  Top Man – and that was in spite of his team Sunderland going out of the FA Cup today!

John gave us some very clear choices about how we should market the Fire-sale…Get the backing of some top Internet Marketers and promote via an affiliate program (probably Clickbank) or use the mass traffic of eBay and run an Auction.

Rob and I are sleeping on it and will decide tomorrow.  Oh yeah that’s right I’m supposed to be sleeping.  Another late one…but I also got caught up designing my own wordpress theme…I think I’ll end up outsourcing that one

I’ll keep you posted on the Firesale

Happy Marketing – Steve