100 Comments on a Post?

Just a quick post to introduce you to a new challenge some of my fellow Masterclass students and I have created just for fun.

“The 100 Blog Comment Challenge”
The idea of the challenge is to get 100 comments on a blog post.

The idea was born from a ‘bimbo comment’ Jacinta Dean made on a thread in the Masterclass Forum she had started about achieving 100 blog posts.  Jacinta made a thread letting people know that they too can achieve 100 blog posts.

A few members congratulated Jacinta about her fine achievement and then she made a bimbo comment of “Next challenge 100 blog comments on a post”.   Jacinta’s word’s not mine:)

I thought it would be a really good idea to do it and before you knew it a challenge was born!

Jacinta has spent this week I am madly blog hopping trying to get 100 people involved in a challenge.

We have started a thread in the “Masterclass Training Forum” for members to get involved and we would also love to make this available for everyone to get involved and contribute to.  We are going to run the challenge from now until the end of August.

There are a few plugins you will need to install to get the most out of the challenge. These plugins will help with your websites traffic and page ranking as well as your ranking for keywords.

100 Blog Comment Challenge Plugins

The plugins to install are:

CommentLuv = http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/commentluv/

This comment will leave a link back to your latest post at the bottom of your comment that you make on a blog that has “commentluv” installed on. This plugin is awesome for generating new traffic and visitors to your site. They see your blog post title and think “I will check that blog out” I have done that many a times and met some awesome people on the way!

KeywordLuv = http://www.scratch99.com/wordpress-plugin-keywordluv/

This plugin allows your commentator to use an anchor keyword after their name when they fill in the name section on the comment form and the website will link to the keyword phrase rather than your name. This is great if you are targeting keywords for your website. Eg Jacinta @ Creating A Business Online.

DoFollow = http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/sem-dofollow/

Excellent plugin to help the google bots crawl from website to website. Anyone that leaves a link in your comment section. This will allow the googlebots to go from your website to theirs and help with ranking especially if this is coming from a website that has a higher traffic and page ranking than you.

Subscribe To Double Optin Comments = http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/subscribe-to-double-opt-in-comments/

Allows you to subscribe to the websites you have made comments on and to see when others have made comments. Allows your commentators to subscribe to your blog posts comments page. (This plugin is not compulsory, just a good one for people that comment on your blog to see when you or others have replied to their comment.   )

Add To Any = http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/add-to-any/

Allows you to socially bookmark the post with what ever service you want to use such as digg, twitter, facebook etc etc. You can use any other social plugin as well.

(If you have another social plugin already that is fine, as long as people can social book mark your post that is the main point!)

I think the challenge is a great idea and I am really interested as to how successful we can make it.  It would be awesome that through the power of 6 degrees of separation that over 100 of us get on board and all help each other out.

If you are interested in joining in our challenge leave a comment below telling me you are in!!

100 Blog Comment Challenge Steps

The steps to take toward the challenge are:

Let me know your in on the challenge by commenting here
Install the plugins mentioned to get maximum usage and benefit to the challenge both for you and those contributing to the challenge. (The most important ones for the challenge are DoFollow, CommentLuv, KeywordLuv and a social bookmarking one of your choice.)

Write your post on your blog that you want the 100 comments on and make it a “sticky” post for maximum exposure. (Will stay at the top of your blog posts until you have reached your 100 comments.) (Update: Some people don’t want their post to be a sticky. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. As long as I have a link to the post you want to contribute to give to everyone else that is fine!

Send me your link to your “100 comment post” so I can let the other challengers know. (I will create a page here for the challenge so that everyone can reference to it with a link to the particular blog posts for commenting. Update: Have created the contributors page here: The 100 Blog Comment Contributors )

Comment on the contributing blogs.

Social bookmark the post you comment on! (You must do this at least once whether you bookmark the post via twitter, facebook, stumble upon, delicious etc etc. You must do this for the real power of this challenge to benefit us all.)

The idea behind social book marking everyone’s posts is that not only will we get the 100 comments on our blog post of choice we will also have that blog post socially bookmarked by everyone that leaves a comment on it!

Pretty Cool huh!

So what do you think???

Are you up for the 100 blog post comment challenge?

Would love you to join us in the challenge.

Until next time……..

Are You Up For The Challenge?